We are experienced and successful litigators and trial attorneys focused on criminal defense and civil rights matters.


We are dedicated to our cases and committed to securing justice for our clients.


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Civil Rights

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We have extensive civil rights experience in cases of police misconduct, wrongful convictions, and employment discrimination. Our attorneys have worked on some of the most important recent civil rights cases in New York. In addition to seeking systemic and institutional change through our § 1983 litigation, we pursue compensation for the injuries our clients have suffered by having their rights violated. Our civil rights practice is focused on one thing: achieving justice for our clients.


Criminal Defense

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When accused of a crime, you need a defense team with expertise that will zealously defend you. Bernstein Clarke & Moskovitz has represented thousands of individuals accused of crimes in federal and state courts throughout New York state. We are trial attorneys, and have secured acquittals in cases ranging from violent felony offenses to traffic infractions.

In addition to zealous advocacy, we are committed to educating you about what you can expect in the process. Bernstein Clarke & Moskovitz provides all of our clients with individualized attention. Criminal charges can affect other areas of your life, such as employment, education, licensing, immigration, etc. We advise and assist you on all collateral consequences that stem from your case.
Although well-known for our results at trial, we have successfully negotiated resolutions that are in the best interest of our clients. These deals have led to our clients avoiding a criminal conviction and jail or prison time. Through hard work, extensive knowledge of the law, and a strong reputation with judges, court staff, and fellow attorneys, Bernstein Clarke & Moskovitz is a unique defense firm.



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Winning appeals requires expertise. The attorneys at Bernstein Clarke & Moskovitz are experienced and successful appellate practitioners. We have won appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and in state courts throughout New York, including the New York Court of Appeals. We also practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third, Fifth, and D.C. Circuits.


Parole Revocation Defense 

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It is important when hiring an attorney, you hire one who is not only knowledgeable in criminal law but also experienced in defending technical charges of Parole and well versed in Parole law and the Parole Categories. The attorneys at Bernstein Clarke & Moskovitz have expertise in Parole Revocation Defense. We have represented thousands of clients charged with violating the conditions of their parole, and/or post release supervision, and we have achieved countless successful results.

If you, or someone you love has been taken into custody for an alleged parole violation, ALWAYS REQUEST A PRELIMINARY HEARING.